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Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, comfortable, and modern. In this article, the team at RTA Cabinets & More will take a look at some small bathroom ideas that will make your bathroom feel bigger and more spacious. Let’s get started. 

1. Add Mirrors To Expand Your Space

Mirrors fool your eyes into perceiving a larger space, and they also help reflect light, which makes smaller spaces seem bigger. You can add more mirrors throughout your bathroom, or replace your current vanity mirror with a larger model.

2. Integrate A Skylight Or Light Tunnel If Your Bathroom Doesn’t Have Windows.

A lack of natural light can make smaller bathrooms feel dingy and cramped, especially if they lack windows. A skylight or a “light tunnel” is a great way to get more natural light into your space and make it feel bigger.

3. Replace Your Vanity Cabinet With A Pedestal Vanity Or Wall-Mounted Sink

Vanity cabinets provide a lot of storage space, but also take up a lot of floor space in smaller bathrooms. If you don’t have too much stuff to store, it may be a good idea to use a wall-mounted sink or pedestal vanity to get more floor space.

4. Hidden/Recessed Storage

In a small bathroom, minimizing clutter is essential for making your space feel bigger. In-wall shelves, hidden storage behind vanity mirrors and medicine cabinets, and even recessed storage areas hidden behind wall art can be used to keep your stuff out of the way – and make your space look larger.

5. Choose A Lighter Color Scheme

Darker colors make space feel smaller, while lighter colors tend to make it feel more airy and spacious. Consider repainting your walls with white color or a light gray, and replacing dark tile flooring with a brighter material.

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We hope this blog has given you some small bathroom ideas you can use as you design your dream bathroom. Ready to get started? Just contact RTA Cabinets & More to get a quote for your project.

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