Looking for kitchen design ideas? In this blog, RTA Cabinets & More will take a look at 5 top kitchen design trends in 2020 that are sure to inspire you while you plan your kitchen renovation. Let’s get started

1. Bold Cabinet Colors

White and natural wood cabinets have been in vogue for a while – but it’s time for that to change. In 2020 and beyond, cabinets are going to be a lot bolder. We expect that two-tone styles, bright colors, and features like transparent glass will become more popular.

2. Adding Kitchen Islands

According to Houzz, around 33% of all kitchen renovations include a kitchen island. Islands are versatile and a great way to give yourself more kitchen workspace and storage even in a smaller kitchen.

3. Sustainable Design & Materials

Sustainability is important to many homeowners, so it’s no surprise that more renovations are incorporating recycled wood, plastic, and stone, as well as sustainable materials bamboo flooring and countertops.  Additional design choices like LED lighting, built-in compost bins, and products like point-of-use water heaters can help improve sustainability.

4. Recessed Lights For A Contemporary Look

Recessed lights have always been popular, but they’re an especially great choice for a minimalist, contemporary kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting is also growing in popularity, as it provides great visibility of kitchen workspaces and is relatively inexpensive.

5. Kitchen Accent Walls

Open floor plans are very popular among homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens in 2020. A kitchen accent wall is a great way to add contrast and a visual distinction between rooms while still maintaining an airy, open floor plan.

Need Kitchen Design Ideas? Get Inspired By These Trends!

These 5 kitchen design trends are sure to be popular in 2020 and beyond. So get inspiration from these trends – and if you’re ready to renovate, contact RTA Cabinets & More now.