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Are you a big fan of home improvement and DIY (Do It Yourself)? Before you take on a renovation project on your own, you should read this two-part article about the top 10 DIY myths, and make sure you know what you’re getting into!

You Can Easily Fix All Of Your Mistakes Or Imperfections Later

Paint can hide a lot of flaws – but not crooked tile, poorly-hung cabinets, improperly installed faucets – you get the picture. You can’t always fix your mistakes – so DIY may not be a good idea for expensive rooms in your homes like a bathroom or kitchen.

You’ll Finish Your DIY Project In A Single Weekend

Not a chance. Even the most simple DIY project is sure to have some unexpected hurdles and issues – and you need to plan for this when developing your project.

Buying DIY Materials Online Helps You Save Money

Buying materials online is always risky. You never know if they’ll be proper quality, if they’ll be delivered on time, or if you will actually get what you’re paying for.

DIY Is Always Cheaper Than Hiring A Professional

This may be true if you’re not putting a value on your time. But often, what may take you three months of weekend work can be done by a professional in just a few days – saving you time and frustration.

Watching A Home Improvement Show Gives You All The DIY Education You Need

Sure, watching The Property Brothers or Flip Or Flop on HGTV is a great way to learn a bit about home improvement. But it’s far from a comprehensive education. To take on a renovation project, you need to do a lot more research and develop skills in carpentry, painting, room demolition, and much more.

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