Interested in replacing your home’s flooring? Not sure what the best choice is for your flooring material? Here are a few expert tips from RTA that can help you choose the best home flooring – for any room!

Carpet: Perfect For Bedrooms, Dens, And Living Rooms

If you’re looking for a comfortable, cozy flooring option for an area such as a living room, it’s hard to beat a high-quality carpet. The carpet is soft, warm, and perfect for lounging and relaxing on the floor. However, we wouldn’t recommend carpet for areas that receive heavy wear, like entryways.

Hardwood And Engineered Wood – Halls, Entryways, Mudrooms And More

Hardwood and engineered wood are great for halls, mudrooms, and areas where there will be frequent travel, and mud, dirt, and some water may end up on the floor. This is because wood is easy to clean, and can be resurfaced to remove wear and stains, should it become worn-down. Engineered wood is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood.

Laminate Flooring – Perfect For Any Room

Laminate is water-resistant, and modern laminate plank flooring can imitate the look of stone, marble, wood, and other such materials, in a wide variety of colors. It’s very affordable, and can be used in any room – it’s particularly popular for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as dining rooms.

Tile – Ideal For Bathrooms And Kitchens, Utility Rooms And More

Tile is great for any area which will often be moist or damp, such as a bathroom, utility room, and even a kitchen. Tile offers superior durability and water resistance, and with natural and composite tiles available, there is a product for every budget.

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