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The world of kitchen design is never static. Modern kitchen design trends are always changing, and it can be hard to keep up. In this blog, we’ll look at just a few of the top modern kitchen design trends!

1. Interior-Lit Cabinets And Drawers

With the affordability and low power consumption of LEDs, cabinet makers have begun introducing cabinets that have automatic lighting. This allows for enhanced convenience, allowing homeowners to quickly find utensils, pots, pans, and more.

2. “Smart Kitchen” Technology

Smart devices like Internet-connected refrigerators, motion-sensitive faucets, and automatic kitchen lighting are top trends in modern kitchen design, allowing for increased convenience, better energy efficiency, and more.

3. Elegant, Simple Kitchen Cabinets

White remains a top color choice for kitchen cabinets, but gray and darker colors like navy blue are becoming more popular, especially as an accent color that helps set off the rest of the paint and appliances.

4. Quartz Is King (But Butcher Block Is On The Rise)

For a streamlined, modern kitchen, it’s hard to beat the timeless appeal and long-lasting beauty of a quartz countertop. But alternative materials like butcher block are also becoming more popular. Butcher block is very affordable and offers a more rustic and laid-back look that’s very chic, yet relaxed.

5. The Kitchen Island Is The Focal Point

Kitchen islands are no longer optional, for many homeowners. They become the “hub” of the kitchen and offer a versatile space for eating, food preparation, and more. They’re particularly popular in open-plan designs. Understand The Top Kitchen Trends When Remodeling Your Home! If you understand the most popular kitchen trends, you’ll be able to make the right decisions when remodeling your home. Want to learn more? Visit the RTA Cabinets blog for more information now.

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